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Real Estate Agents
Home Owners Direct
  • Traditional estate agents are often limited by office hours.
    Home Owners Direct is open 24/7 so you can search for your property at your convenience.
  • High street agents are a thing of the past. Nobody visits them anymore.
    90% of property searches start online.
  • You pay high commissions for limited service.
    With Home Owners Direct, there's are zero commissions.
  • Estate agents are not legal experts.
    Access a wealth of information with our community of experts.
    Expert network
  • Agents simply don’t know your property the way you do.
    You know your property better than anyone. With Home Owners Direct you stay in control and can sell with a personal touch.
    Do it yourself
  • Traditional Estate Agents have a limited reach.
    We give you the toolkit to market your property effectively.
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